RESPRO® Regulatory Seminar
  Denver ~ September 17-19

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Non RESPRO Members $895           TRA/Non RESPRO Members $995

The major Dodd Frank regulations are out, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is ramping up its enforcement of RESPA and an unprecedented array of complex mortgage regulations. 

The 2014 RESPRO® Regulatory Seminar will focus how this new regulatory environment impacts your affiliated businesses and strategy alliances, with practical advice on what you should be doing now to be ahead of the game and gain an edge over your competitors.   

If you are in an affiliated business or other partnership (or are thinking about starting one), you shouldn’t miss joining RESPRO® and The Realty Alliance Mortgage/Title Groups in Denver, Colorado! 

Highlights include:

The Future of Real Estate Finance in America
President and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association Dave Stevens will provide his perspective on the changing nature and demand structure of the marketplace as real estate finance professionals look to the future and how they can be successful in a post Dodd-Frank atmosphere. 

Top Ten Regulatory Challenges for Affiliated Businesses in 2015
The 2014 RESPRO® Regulatory Seminar kicks off with an overview of the major regulatory trends that affiliated mortgage lenders, real estate brokers, and title/settlement service companies face over the coming year.  Hear about your top ten Dodd Frank implementation and RESPA compliance challenges as perceived by leading legal experts, and then decide how you want to spend your time the rest of the Seminar!

RESPA Do’s and Don’ts for Office Rentals, Joint Advertising, Work Share, Lead Sharing, and More
A drop in refinances inevitably leads to an increase in proposed alliances with homebuilders, real estate brokers, and real estate agents to generate purchase money business.  But just because everyone’s doing it, is it OK under RESPA?  Whether you and your sales personnel are on the giving or receiving side of such offers, you will benefit from hearing about the “do’s and don’ts” involving office rental arrangements, joint advertising, lead sharing agreements, and other “outside the box” partnerships.

How to Prepare for Your First CFPB RESPA Investigation
A representative of a company that underwent the rigors of the RealtySouth CFPB civil investigation demand (CID) will discuss lessons learned and share practice tips for those who may be on the receiving end of a CID in the future.  Topics will cover when the CFPB considers a consumer “choice” not to be a real choice; its views on when a dividend is a referral fee; its perspective on what should be in an affiliated business disclosure form and when the form is considered read or received, and more.  RESPRO® Members only.

Don’t Forget the States!  The Latest State Trends Impacting ABAs (No A/V)
Affiliated businesses have been the target of proposed regulatory restrictions in 2014.  Whether you are in a state currently considering affiliated business restrictions, it’s important to know what is happening, since increase state regulatory activity usually is not a coincidence but is the result of underlying dynamics that often spread to neighboring states.  Find out what state ABA restrictions have been proposed and where, so that you can be prepared for similar proposals in your state.

RESPA-TILA Integration is Amost Here!  Implementation Challenges for Affiliated Businesses
The CFPB’s final RESPA-TILA rule will be in effect on August 1, 2015, and the long and complex implementation process for mortgage lenders, title/settlement service companies, and real estate brokerage firms is well underway.  Find out about the rule’s fundamental requirements, how it particularly impacts your affiliated business model, and what your affiliated businesses should be doing now to be ahead in the game. 

How to Survive in the New World of Intense Regulatory and Litigation Scrutiny:  Ten Compliance Steps You Should Doing Now
In this session, you’ll receive ten recommendations for avoiding investigations and dealing with regulatory audits involving your affiliated businesses.   Topics will include new thinking and practices about affiliated business disclosures in the aftermath of the RealtySouth CFPB consent order, best practices for contractual commitments, what regulators are looking for (and what that may portend for private litigation), best practices in document management and retention, and lots more.

Protecting the Consumer Through Your Affiliated Services Providers (No A/V)
The CFPB has made it abundantly clear that a significant part of our responsibility as settlement service providers goes well beyond simply serving consumers - we must protect them as well.  In this open roundtable discussion, you’ll find out how you can earn the trust and patronage of your real estate agents and customers -- from both a business practices and RESPA compliance perspective -- by focusing on the consumer.  The manner in which you define, structure and align your affiliated service provider offerings in a compliant manner heavily impacts the likelihood of your success!

MSAs – The Latest in Compliant and Successful Relationships
Marketing Services Agreements (“MSAs”) have become “go to” arrangements for establishing relationships in the residential settlement services marketplace.  This session will cover the latest approaches and processes to generate desired results, and the key questions participants must ask themselves to assess regulatory compliance.  More specifically, this presentation will share prudent practices for structuring the relationship, engaging the “marketer” in compliance activities, valuing services, verifying service performance, managing the relationship and mitigating risk.

Trends in Class ABA Action Litigation:  Lessons Learned from New RESPA Case Law and the Recent Appellate Decisions in Minter  and Petry
Members of the litigation team that recently won appeals in favor of defendants Wells Fargo and Long and Foster in the RESPA Sham Joint Venture class actions Minter v. Wells Fargo and Petry v. Prosperity Mortgage will provide “takeaways” from these most recent class action developments for those who may find their companies to be class action targets in the future.

Eliminating Dodd Frank’s ABA Discrimination:  The Latest on the Mortgage Choice Act (No A/V)
The House of Representatives has passed RESPRO®-supported legislation to alleviate the discrimination against affiliated businesses in the QM and HOEPA “points and fees” thresholds.  Will the Senate follow?  Find out about the legislation’s status, its prospects for passage, and what you can do to help convince Congress to correct this inequity.

CFPB RESPA Enforcement:  ABAs,  JVs, and Marketing Agreements
The CFPB continues to step up its enforcement of RESPA.  Do its recent actions involve clear-cut violations or do they signal a more aggressive approach towards enforcement in this area?  Hear an overview of recent CFPB enforcement actions involving affiliated businesses, joint ventures, and marketing agreements; what their common characteristics are; and what they foretell about future CFPB activities in this area.

Coordinating Your Affiliated Businesses for RESPA-TILA Integration
Are you actively coordinating your affiliated businesses for the implementation of the RESPA-TILA Integration Rule, which is eleven months away?  Are you upgrading your technology systems and preparing for needed staff changes?  Are you and your partners well on your way to knowing how the closing documents should look and be delivered?  Is your affiliated business model actively exploring potential advantages it has under the “zero tolerance” and 3-day closing disclosure delivery requirement?  In this session, representatives of mortgage, technology and title companies will share “best practices” and answer your questions about how to prepare your affiliated businesses for RESPA-TILA integration.

Savings for Members of The Realty Alliance (TRA)
This year, RESPRO® has partnered with The Realty Alliance (TRA), a national network of the nation's leading residential real estate brokerage forms, which will be holding its Mortgage/Title meetings at the same location and week. So if you are a TRA member, you save travel time and costs, and if you aren't a TRA member, you'll have more networking opportunities!